Campaign packages

Kun tavoiteltu työntekijä hakee aktiivisesti uutta työpaikkaa, työnhakusivusto itsessään on tehokas tapa tavoittaa heidät. Kuitenkaan monet huippuosaajat eivät aktiivisesti etsi uutta työpaikkaa, mutta saattavat silti olla avoimia uusille haasteille. Tavoitat passiiviset työnhakijat internetin ja sosiaalisen median kanavista markkinoimalla työpaikkaa. Voit markkinoida työpaikkaa ostamalla kampanjapaketin työpaikkailmoituksellesi ilmoituksen teon yhteydessä.  Tätä varten sinun tulee ensin login to your profile or register for the service, if you have not used our service before.  
  • The cost of targeted digital advertising is a fraction of the cost of a recruitment agency.
  • You don't have to pay recruitment commissions.
  • The marketing agency has up-to-date expertise in the rapidly changing digital world.
  • Advertising can be stopped as soon as the recruitment needs are met.
⭐ The result is a high-quality job advertisement that activates candidates and supports your company's brand. Properly targeted marketing reaches the right talent and ensures a quality pool of applicants.

Please note that when you purchase a Sometähti-campaign the invoice must be paid before we can start the campaign. Other campaign types will be implemented immediately, and you can pay the invoice by the due date indicated on the invoice.

The validity of the campaign is automatically set until the last date of application indicated in the job advertisement.

You can also post your job advertisement without marketing first. You can buy the campaign package you want for your ad afterwards by logging into your profile.

If you have any questions regarding your campaign, send us an email to We will respond your enquiry in 24 h hours.
Valitsemasi kampanjabudjetti käytetään vaihtoehtoisesti joko Facebook- tai LinkedIn-mainoskampanjaan. Voit myös antaa meidän valita sopivan kanavan kampanjallesi. Tällä hetkellä budjettia ei voi jakaa kahteen eri kanavaan. Markkinointibudjetti on oletusarvoisesti 50 e, mutta voit asettaa kampanjalle myös lisärahaa haluamasi summan verran. Maksettuasi laskun, the campaign will be started in 1-3 days.

The campaign package uses illustrations from Jobportal. Currently, customers' own branded imagery cannot be used in marketing. However, you can add your company logo and any promotional images to the job advertisement. You can also use different text sizes, formatting and levels to make your ad stand out. The job advertisement also includes all the features of the Remarkable package, such as a boost in Jobportal's search results and front page visibility.

You don't have to worry about marketing your job advertisement on social media. Marketing agency Mediaspark ensure the effective distribution of the ad on social media to the target audience. Social media visibility is targeted to the intended audience; e.g. by industry and geography.

Your advertisement will be highlighted in the Jobportal search results and will be visible in the "Featured" section on our homepage. In addition, the job advertisement will be distributed by email to people who have expressed an interest in receiving messages about open positions in their field.

This will ensure you appear on the front page and get you to the top of the Jobs page! A well-written job advertisement and an mood image will help your company stand out. Don't forget to add your company logo, you can find a place for it by logging in and selecting 'my information'!

With a lift, you'll be at the top of the list in the search results and secure your place there until the last day of the ad! The company logo will attract the attention of the applicant and allow you to be recognized. So don't leave the logo out. You can easily add it by logging in and selecting 'personal details'.

You can submit a free job ad on Jobportal. Thousands of visitors come to our site every month and new jobseekers register every day.

Submitting a job advertisement:
  1. Login as an employer.
  2. Fill in the job advertisement.
  3. Write a comprehensive job description. Use different formatting to highlight important information. Separate headings by painting the text and changing the level to 'Heading'. Add a mood picture or, for example, a group photo of the future team!
  4. Choose the free campaign.
  5. Preview and publish your job!
The job will be found with the information you enter and you will be notified by email of the applications you have received.