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By submitting a job advertisement,
you ensure your visibility in the labor market.

Jobportal brings open positions together under one site. By posting a job advertisement, you ensure its visibility to the most potential candidates. We offer employers a range of affordable campaign packages to increase the visibility of the advertisement.

Employer, post your ad -
at affordable price.

The free job advertisement includes:

Campaign packages

0 €


All the free features

10 € + VAT


All the free features

Lift in Jobportal search results

50 € + VAT

Frontpage news

All features from Lift-package

Visibility on the front page

90 € + VAT


All features from Frontpage news-package

Distribution of the job advertisement by email to potential candidates

150 € + VAT

Social media star

All the features from Remarkable-package

Targeted marketing of the ad on social media

Includes 50 euros marketing budget

Single page for applications - save time

Receive more applicants

Creating a job advertisement

  1. Register and open Leave a job advertisement form.
  2. Fill in the information required by the form and choose a campaign package from 0 to 150 € (+ VAT 24%).
  3. Publish the advertisement! We will contact you regarding the progress.

In case you want to update campaign package on already published job post, you can do it by clicking “Buy a campaign” button from the active post. Alternatively, please contact Alternatively you can contact our customer service.